During the 2010 NHL All Star Game, Scott Hartnell delivered the best sound bite in the world.

After feeding one of the clone Sedins the puck to score Team Alfredsson's first goal of the game, Hartnell took a victory lap towards the bench.

Upon passing Dion he spewed the classic "Suck It Phaneuf!".

We've got that video here for you now. Watch it and laugh.

Future Updates

Enjoy the video, but stay tuned, this is a quicky site to get the ball rolling. In the coming weeks we will flesh it all out.



This website will stand as a testiment to the crappy play of the Leafs' Captain.

Should be pretty easy as there are still a bunch of games left in the season for him to suck.


We always knew Pheneuf sucked, we'd just never heard it expressed so succinctly before. Hartnell became our muse and spurned us to action.


We are anonymous, we are legion, we know Phaneuf sucks.


You want to help? Awesome, please contact us at

Phaneuf haters only, everyone else will be ignored.